BEARDSTYLE – The Soul Patch


One of the daring beard styles I could never pull off, mainly because I cannot get pass shaving my mustache off – yeah, that’s not happening.  The Soul Patch needs no introduction, its presence alone, a tidy patch of hair below the lower lip, commands respect.

Bar trivia fact:  The hair below the lip is called a mouche (French for fly), but often the mouche is used in combination with other facial hair like sideburns or a goatee.  So technically a mouche can never be a Soul Patch, but a Soul Patch can be a mouche.  Boss shit.


The Soul Patch history lies in the jazz culture of the fifties.  One of the main pioneers of this trend was Mr. Dizzy Gillespie himself, inventor of the jazz dab.  He made it so prominent, at one point it was known as the “Dizzy Gillespie beard”, and was imitated by just everyone that held a brass instrument to their lips.

Over the years the Soul Patch has had its moments, from the Blues Brothers in the eighties to Mike Piazza adorning one in 1999.  One soul-patcher put it best:

“I just think it looks cool…I get a lot of comments. People say, “Hey, you missed a spot.’ But I like it this way.”


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