The Sleeve Roll

man in shirt, standing with stick and cylinder


My dilemma for today.  Well, it’s starting to get warm (finally) in New York and my wardrobe is still yet up to par, so I’m having to wear long-sleeves to work in the meantime.  My solution to curving the heat (which is between the time it takes me to get from the parking lot to the office) is to roll up my sleeves.  Honestly, as simple as it sounds I really never got the hang of it.  Do you button the sleeves first and then roll, or don’t button at all and roll?  How many times do you roll? Two or three times?  Well, if any of this sounds familiar I came across this info graphic that might help to shed light on this little issue of mine that I want to share with you guys who might be in the same boat.  Enjoy….oh, and you’re welcome.






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