Top 5 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts


Let’s face it – compared to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is that wimpy kid with the obnoxious laugh and poor hygiene.  So it’s no surprise why the majority of us have a propensity for putting dad’s gift “on the back burner” until the last minute.  In fact, they’re a few of you who forgot all about it until you saw this blog – shit!  So we put a list together of our top five classic Father’s Day gifts to help you out.


For The Classic Dad


If Dad’s constantly searching for his keys, he’ll get a kick out of Tile. Dad will be able to attach Tile to any item, including his wallet or keys, and track their location through his smartphone — saving him time and frustration, which is really a gift in itself.  Only $24.99 on Amazon.






For the Outdoors Datop-25-father-s-day-gifts_1432735376.jpgd

Ideal for getting out of town for the weekend, this rolltop backpack from Poler has plenty of room for a change of clothes, a sizeable snack, a laptop, and maybe even a few camping essentials. A great blend of practical and stylish.  Only $64.95 on Amazon




For the Fit Dad

Sure, coffee might be his morning beverage of choice, but you can help him stay healthy by getting him hooked on a slightly more nutritional option: fresh juice. Homemade juice has several health benefits and will help him avoid those commercial juices, which often have a lot of added sugar. This stainless steel model has a powerful motor and is dishwasher safe — a perfect entry-level juicer.  Only $49.99 on Amazon


top-25-father-s-day-gifts_1433956581For the Dapper Dad

The world’s best underwear for the world’s best dad. MeUndies makes their line of underwear from a special blend of Lenzing modal (known for being super soft and ecological) and original prints to boot. As an online-only service, they’re able to keep costs low unlike other premium underwear brands. They also deliver straight to your door, free of shipping charges within the U.S. and Canada. Cheers to dad staying funky fresh day in and day out.  Only $20.00 at


For All Dads_1463512629

Surprise dad with a stunning 8-cigar sampler of Montecristo cigars, individually sealed in glass tubes. A classic brand with a spicy twist, these Dominican Republic-made stogies are ideal for the smoker who desires a genuine earthy Cuban-style flavor. At this price, you might want to pick up a set for yourself, too.  Only $45.95 on


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