Trendy Butler & I


I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them by now…those ads from the likes of Trunk Club, Bombfell, or Five Four Club while you’re perusing down your ‘gram timeline or Facebook feed.  This is exactly how I happen to stumbled across Trendy Butler.

So just a quick background of myself – I am an African-American male, professional, living in Long Island, New York.  I work long days and most weekends, therefore, I rarely get out much.  The one and a half day I do have I would rather spend it with my feet up on the sofa watching a Marvel movie or a ball game.  Even though I know I desperately need to upgrade my social attire; when I do get the nerve to do something about it, by the time I reach the shopping mall (blagh) I would have conjured up at least 101 things more important than buying some over-priced outfit.  So this is the attitude that made me just ripe for a clothing concierge ad.  And they knew it.

To date, I’ve been a member of TB for about four months now and I thought I would share my experience with you guys in case you’re thinking about going down that same road. The first thing I discovered was that the ad was pretty misleading (for the same reason none of McDonald’s hamburgers looks the same on your plate the way it does in those commercials).  I’m pretty sure this is the same for most clothing concierge companies as well.  The ad shows you a box of goodies including a shirt, a pair pants, shoes, and maybe a belt or some random accessory.  Definitely not the case – upon further investigation you’ll see on their website you will only be receiving one shirt and one pair of pants per delivery.  Still though, for $65 a month that’s a pretty good deal.

Second thing I noticed is that if don’t have at least two sets of abs that you can physically see, you might want to think twice before signing up.  TB is definitely not for the “beard and belly” type of guy.  Luckily for me I started my seasonal diet regimen just in time.

And lastly, I was questioning who and how were decisions being made on what to send me.  It was starting to get a little warm here in NY and I still getting clothing that would have had me sweating like a Coke bottle in July.  And to add, for the first four months all I received were shirts – that’s it.  I was under the impression that I would be getting a psuedo-complete ensemble, minus the belt, minus the shoes, and minus whatever else a guy would normally wear on a weekend outing.  But that’s what I get for getting all buttered up…damn those Mickey D’s ads.


This month I received this blue-plaid Tailor Vintage shirt that retails for about $88 and a pair of white Howe reversible shorts that normally go for $85 (A pair of shorts! I couldn’t believe it).  But me being the skeptic that I am, I research every delivery and I found out that the shorts could be had for discounted price of $29.97 if you search hard enough.  And if I had to guess, the shirt you could probably find at a hefty discount as well.  But that’s the thing – I don’t have time to blaze the internet scrounging up discounts on this or that.  Which why I really can’t complain when I do find prices that would have run me just about even with my membership price had gone out and bought it myself.  That’s what I’m pay them for.


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