KNOTMYSTYLE – The Van Wijk Knot


Van Wijk Knot Scale


The Van Wijk necktie, pronounce “van-widge”, was created by the artist Lisa Van Wijk.  Yes – Lisa Van Wijk – what? A woman can’t get in on this tie-game too? …smh.  This style is a spin off from the Prince Albert knot, with the difference being the third loop around the bottom.  It’s a slender knot that is easy on the eyes, but because of its cylindrical look it is best worn with a narrow collared shirt – and a vest wouldn’t hurt neither.

Personally, this style doesn’t suit me much, it is primarily catered for thinner men (or ladies).  Although, I have to admit, I’ve seen this tie strut its stuff at a less formal setting one year and I-was-impressed.  The trick to it, I think, is to use it with a solid, bright tie.  Visually, its cool as hell.




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