Shaving vs Trimming

Pros & Cons

When it comes to being a man, one of the main things we learn how to do when growing up is shaving. That is almost seen as a rite of passage among many different men as shaving indicates maturity, growth, and experience.  Shaving itself, however, can bring its own problems and situations that you may not be ready for or even know about. The method of shaving, how you shave, the type of chemicals you use, and even the way it should look are all questions that will be asked throughout decades and continues to be a hot button topic among males. Fortunately, there is all sorts of information out there that can help you determine what is better when it comes to shaving and even trimming your beard and the pros and cons that they present.PicsArt_08-12-10.44.13

Grooming is something that even men take very seriously. Women are not the only ones that care deeply about their appearance; men just bring their own style to caring for themselves. One of the pros of shaving your hair over trimming is that it saves you time in getting ready for the day and is definitely more convenient for men that are busier throughout the day, and live a more active lifestyle in general. You can worry less about how your hair looks and keeping it kept when there is not much there to begin with. On the flipside, you leave yourself to not standing out amongst the crowd and have little to work with in terms of originality. While this may not seem like a big deal to some, to others it is a pretty hefty cost. It is also quicker to trim your hair rather than to shave it all off every time it grows back.  You can also style more intricately when you trim rather than shaving.

Another thing to consider, however, is the cost of the grooming. Shaving can be simple and only require a few supplies while trimming can mean different types of electronics, combs, gel, and other haircare products. All of this can really add up and set you back a good amount of money if you are not careful. At the end of the day, it is definitely up to the individual man what they want to use and how they want their hair to look. Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you and gives you the confidence you need to get through your day.


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