Shaving Must-Haves


Shaving matters. It matters because doing it well makes you feel good and look great, and doing it badly involves paying too much money for products that don’t work, and only serve to help make your skin dry and the shaving experience a tedious, something slightly painful experience. Nobody wants to be like Homer Simpson, cutting themselves repeatedly. Here’s all the things you’ll need for a really great shave…


RAZOR: A great razor is the difference between a close, clean, comfortable shaving experience and one fraught with tiny cuts and hairs that just won’t go away. A three blade razor is the best type to go for; two blades aren’t enough, four blades are simply too many. Gillette are global brand leaders in this area for a reason. Alternatively, you could opt for a single blade razor, which might not produce the best overall shave but does mean you won’t be continually spending money on replacing worn out blades.

SHAVING CREAM: Shaving cream is the only thing protecting your skin from the harsh scratch of the razor, and so you need to make the right decision when buying some. You want to go for a glycerine based cream, and for the love of God, don’t just settle for the sort that sprays out of a can. You’ll have to slap far too much of it on for it to be effective and it becomes a waste of money. A thicker shaving cream will cost more but you only have to apply a fraction of the amount that you do with spray cream; in the end, it will work out as great value for money.

Shaving a man

BALM- The thing about shaving is, it really does mess up your skin, which wasn’t designed to be at such close quarters with a razor. It strips away the top layer of your skin’s moisture, which can lead to it becoming dry and unpleasant. This is why a post shave balm is so useful. You tend to shave because you want to look your best, so it’s counter-productive to sculpt your face fuzz beautifully and then expose skin that looks tired. Balm will invigorate it good and proper.

SKIN CARE CREAM- The most obvious purpose of skin care cream when shaving is to soothe any little cuts that have appeared on your skin. The time when you’re examining yourself in the mirror after you shave is a great take to take stock of your face as well, and see if there are any small blemishes that could do with being taken care of.

 BEARD TRIMMER- Of course, much of what’s been written so far assumes you’re going clean shaven. Beards are very fashionable right now though, and so maybe you just want to trim your beard into a more manageable shape. For that, you’ll need a beard trimmer, or perhaps a decent pair of scissors.

Manliness and shaving are two very close terms. The neat attractive males always maintain a tidy look. Shaving is an excellent way to get rid of the whiskers in order to have a clean and smart appearance.

Those who have sensitive skin should shave the tender areas such as the neck area and then they should move to the tougher parts of the face. This is especially important as electric shavers generate the heat which can cause irritation to the sensitive areas, so sensitive areas should be shaved first when the head of the shaver is cool.



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